Having been in the medical aid brokerage business for over 2 decades, Universal Life Brokers specializes in medical aid and health care. We provide premium advice on various medical aid plans, with certain insurance companies and will always take into account the client’s personal circumstances i.e.: age, health and affordability. We also offer short term insurance options, leaving our clients with a myriad of services. As highly qualified and professional experts, we know what will work best for the client and their individual needs.

We are accredited to sell: Bestmed, Bonitas, Discovery Health, Fedhealth, Medihelp, Momentum and Suremed


Another medical aid service that we offer is known as GAP. This is a policy that offers the client a chance to gain additional cover while in hospital, for any shortfall on their medical aid payments (subject to your plan type and scheme rules). Essentially this has been designed to help pay the difference between what your medical aid pays and what private practices charge. This helps to reduce or eliminate self-payment.

We are accredited to sell: Ambledown, Stratum, Turnberry and Zest Life



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