Universal Life Brokers offers numerous options for individual clients, as well as corporate clients, including Keyman (Company owned policies) and buy and sell policies (partnership policies.) Life insurance can cover disability; death; income protection; dread disease and funeral cover. Our personalized service will guarantee that you receive the ideal life insurance solution to suit your lifestyle and your requirements.


The life insurance industry is complex and our experts are here to guide and assist you on the correct path. We will relieve you of any anxiety you may feel in regards to your life coverage.


Dread Disease/ Severe Illness Benefits

Dread disease / severe illness covers offers you financial protection against illnesses such as heart attack, cancer or stroke.  It pays out a tax free lump sum amount, which you may use in any way that you choose.


Income Protection Plan

The IPP benefit pays an income to the disabled member, which is based on his/her salary as defined in the IPP policy. The first payment will be made after the waiting period selected on the plan.


Capital Disability

Capital Disability and impairment benefits pay a lump sum when a member becomes disabled or impaired.


Financial Planning

Another service that Universal Life Brokers offers includes personal financial planning and personal risk assurance. This includes a financial needs analysis; wills; estate duty; tax planning and asset protection.

How Can We Assist You?

Our expertise guarantee a smooth and streamlined process, leaving you unburdened and stress free.