About Us

About Universal Life Brokers

Universal Life Brokers is an experienced and exclusive brokerage that prides itself on client satisfaction and service excellence. Universal Life Brokers is a recognized accredited and independent brokerage and we are registered with the Council of Medical Schemes. Our team is made up of experienced professionals, all of whom, are specialists in their field. Our company is consumer focused and we aim to provide a hands-on and personalized service to all our clients.

Universal Life Brokers offers a superior level of commitment, dedication and service. With well over 2 decades in the industry we maintain the highest standards and continue to thrive as a leading financial brokerage service provider.

Mission and Vision

Our company mission is to provide our clients with innovative and superior financial and life brokerage service solutions. The Universal Life Brokers team is fueled by commitment and passion. To us, client satisfaction is key. The personalized service that we offer ensures that our clients receive the best possible outcome to suit their requirements and individual needs.

We will always strive to exceed all of our clients’ expectations by giving them a courteous, timeous and efficient brokerage service. We maintain close relationships with all of our product providers guaranteeing the most affordable, advanced and up-to date coverage for our clients. As a leading brokerage company we aim to provide our clients with much needed peace of mind when it comes to their financial future. Integrity, reliability and transparency are the business principles that have helped us thrive and they are what have propelled us to the forefront of the brokerage industry

The Benefits of Independent Brokerage

Personalized Approach

Independent brokers work closely with a client to ensure that they receive the ideal solution that is designed to fit their needs and requirements. Direct insurers do not usually establish relationships with their clients and cannot provide such a comprehensive service.

Professional Advice

The insurance and financial industry is complex and an independent broker is able to guide a client through this process efficiently and effectively. Our experts are able to answer any queries that a client may have and we will take them on the path to financial security and future stability. With the Universal Life Brokers experience our clients will enjoy a smooth, streamlined and extremely effective service.

How Can We Assist You?

Our expertise guarantee a smooth and streamlined process, leaving you unburdened and stress free.